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FIC: Hold On, Be Strong [Chapter 3 of 4]

Chapter Title: Silence Will Fall
Author: eblackwell

Summary: A woman with a mane of curls says she knows the Doctor and has a message for Sarah Jane: prepare yourself for devastating news. The Doctor is dead and was killed by a group called the Silence through their assassin, Melody Pond. How does Sarah Jane and other companions deal with the news? And could they have the hope that it isn't true?

Rating: Drama/General

Pairings and Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Jo Grant, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Tegan Jovanka, Dorothy "Ace" McShane, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Wilfred Mott, Jack Harkness, Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra, Luke Smith, and K9 Mark IV
Disclaimer: The Doctor and all other characters mentioned do not belong to me. No profit made from this work, no infringement intended.

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Read full story on AO3 or FFN

Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on LJ
Tags: character: river song, fanwork: fic, general: series 6, rating: g
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